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Why hurricane could leave Tampa 'unrecognisable'

Florida's vulnerable Tampa Bay area could be struck directly for the first time in a century.
Wednesday September 28, 2022

Hurricane Ian: Cuba suffers complete blackout after storm

The island's electrical system is experiencing a complete collapse in the wake of the deadly storm.
Wednesday September 28, 2022

Hilaree Nelson: US mountaineer missing after 'skiing into crevasse'

Hilaree Nelson appeared to fall into a 2,000ft gap in the ice descending the world's eighth tallest peak.
Tuesday September 27, 2022

Harry Styles' As It Was becomes longest-running US number one by a UK act

The hit song becomes the longest-running number one on the US singles chart by a British artist.
Tuesday September 27, 2022

Chinese yuan: Currency hits record lows against US dollar

Major stock market indexes in Asia, including Japan and Hong Kong, also fell sharply on Wednesday.
Wednesday September 28, 2022

January 6th Capitol riot: Who are the Oath Keepers and why are they on trial?

The trial of five militia members could reveal to what extent the 6 January riot was planned.
Wednesday September 28, 2022

US midterms: Inflation's got her thinking she'd 'vote Trump again'

Economic pessimism in the crucial state of Pennsylvania could hurt Democrats in midterm elections.
Saturday September 24, 2022

Canadian family travel world before children go blind

A Montreal family goes on a global sightseeing tour after three of the children are diagnosed with a genetic condition.
Monday September 26, 2022

Hurricane Fiona: Justin Trudeau to visit areas devastated by the damage

Two dead, one missing after the storm battered the country's east coast, leaving widespread damage.
Tuesday September 27, 2022

Edward Snowden granted Russian citizenship

The former US intelligence contractor leaked a vast US intelligence surveillance programme in 2013.
Monday September 26, 2022

Storm Ian delays launch of Nasa's Artemis I Moon rocket

The launch of the American space agency's big new Moon rocket is being delayed for the third time.
Sunday September 25, 2022

Rihanna to headline Super Bowl half-time show

The nine-time Grammy winner will headline February's event in Arizona, the NFL has announced.
Monday September 26, 2022

Mass shootings: What are the warning signs and could they help prevent another Parkland?

While each mass shooting in the US is unique, experts say the killers share some things in common.
Wednesday September 28, 2022

CIA museum: Inside the world's most top secret museum

It's filled with artefacts that have shaped history - but its doors are firmly shut to the public.
Sunday September 25, 2022

Brazil election: Why it matters so much to the US

The US has been taking a keen interest in who Brazil picks as its next president. Why?
Thursday September 22, 2022

Donors spending millions on Trump's legal battles

The former president's mounting bills are being paid by donors and the Republican party.
Saturday September 24, 2022

Are Mar-a-Lago and other Trump-owned properties over-valued?

A closer look at the former president's real estate, and allegations he lied about its value.
Friday September 23, 2022

The fake sex chats fuelled by an elaborate scam

The erotic messages supposedly sent from women on some adult websites are often actually from men.
Thursday September 22, 2022

US detentions at Mexico border pass two million a year

The rising number is a politically contentious issue ahead of the midterm elections in November.
Tuesday September 20, 2022

Adnan Syed and Serial: What you need to know

How a true crime podcast made a local news story from Baltimore, Maryland, go international.
Tuesday September 20, 2022

Timed Teaser: What did China say about Russia?

Test your knowledge of the news these last few days - 10 questions, 10 seconds each. Go!
Tuesday September 20, 2022

Off-gridders take energy needs into their own hands

Natural disasters have spurred some communities and homeowners to generate their own electricity.
Tuesday September 20, 2022

Bad Bunny turns music video into Puerto Rico doc

The influential Puerto Rican rapper's latest music video lays bare the US island territory's problems.
Tuesday September 27, 2022

Hurricanes: Are they getting more violent?

As Hurricane Ian makes its way through the Caribbean towards the US - we ask if climate change is making these storms more severe?
Tuesday September 27, 2022

Hugs and high fives as Nasa engineers rejoice

Nasa's Dart spacecraft succeeds in its mission to collide with the Dimorphos asteroid.
Tuesday September 27, 2022

Hurricane Fiona: 'The important thing is we're alive'

Now a Category 4 storm, Hurricane Fiona has wrecked parts of Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic.
Friday September 23, 2022

Honduras: A mother searches for justice in a 'narco-state'

The Honduran ex-president sits in a US prison, but many are searching for justice from his brutal regime.
Wednesday September 21, 2022

Hurricane Fiona: Aerial video shows Puerto Rico devastation

Hurricane Fiona leaves towns in Puerto Rico flooded just five years after Hurricane Maria
Wednesday September 21, 2022

Smiling Adnan Syed is cheered as his conviction is tossed

After 23 years behind bars, the man whose case featured in the podcast Serial has his conviction tossed.
Tuesday September 20, 2022

Queen amused by an American's breach of protocol

When the monarch visited a US housing project in 1991, a thrilled Alice Frazier gave her an authentic welcome.
Friday September 16, 2022

Canada 'Sixties Scoop': Indigenous survivors map out their stories

Canada's "Sixties Scoop" saw thousands of indigenous children forcibly removed from their families.
Monday December 14, 2020

New Christmas campaign for Canadians held in China

The campaign is based on efforts around a similar case involving a British journalist fifty years ago.
Thursday December 10, 2020

New Brunswick outbreak: How a smalltown doctor became a Covid pariah

After being labelled "patient zero", a small-town physician in Canada was shunned.
Wednesday November 25, 2020