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Biden and Putin praise Geneva summit talks but discord remains

The US and Russia agree to nuclear arms control talks but progress at the Geneva summit is limited.
Thursday June 17, 2021

California's drought may have solved plane crash mystery

An underwater survey company may have found evidence of a plane crash from decades ago.
Wednesday June 16, 2021

Federal Reserve warns US economy path depends on virus

The US central bank brought forward its projection for an interest rate hike into 2023 on Wednesday.
Thursday June 17, 2021

US Senate votes to make Juneteenth a holiday

Democratic and Republican senators hail the rare bipartisan measure in the evenly split chamber.
Wednesday June 16, 2021

Tornado tears through crops in western Canada

The funnel was spotted near the town of D'Arcy in Saskatchewan.
Wednesday June 16, 2021

Airbnb reportedly pays tourist $7m after rape

According to reports in Bloomberg, the company paid an Australian traveller after a 2016 attack.
Wednesday June 16, 2021

Covid: US death toll passes 600,000 as vaccination rate slows

Amid falling vaccination rates, the US maintains global records for both total cases and deaths.
Wednesday June 16, 2021

US judge rules Harvey Weinstein can be extradited to California to stand trial

The disgraced producer will be sent to California to face additional assault charges in Los Angeles.
Wednesday June 16, 2021

Athlete blames burrito for four-year ban

Shelby Houlihan says she has been banned for four years after testing positive for a prohibited substance - which she blames on a burrito.
Tuesday June 15, 2021

Gone Girl actress Lisa Banes dies aged 65 following accident

The movie and TV star died after being involved in a scooter collision 10 days ago in New York.
Tuesday June 15, 2021

Boeing-Airbus trade row set to end after 17 years

The agreement, after 17 years, means taxes on $11.5bn of goods will be removed for five years.
Tuesday June 15, 2021

Airlines report 3,000 unruly passengers this year in US

Most of the cases involved passengers who refused to wear masks, as airlines enforce tougher rules.
Tuesday June 15, 2021

Illinois chemical plant fire being left to burn out to stop spillage into river

Fire crews in Illinois are managing the blaze to avoid water laced with chemicals running into the nearby river.
Tuesday June 15, 2021

Deona Knajdek: Minneapolis mother-of-two killed as car hits protesters

Deona Knajdek was reportedly using her car to block a street when another vehicle hit hers.
Tuesday June 15, 2021

Marjorie Taylor Greene sorry for likening masks to Holocaust

The conservative firebrand says it is important for her to acknowledge her "offensive remarks".
Tuesday June 15, 2021

Lina Khan: The 32-year-old taking on Big Tech

The new Federal Trade Commission chair has Big Tech in her sights.
Wednesday June 16, 2021

US-Russia relations: Adversary or potential partner?

Three young Americans and three young Russians spoke to the BBC about the other country.
Tuesday June 15, 2021

Three things to watch as Joe Biden meets Vladimir Putin

The US president is set to talk to the Russian leader in Geneva, Switzerland, on Wednesday.
Tuesday June 15, 2021

Joe Biden: Unearthing the president's unsung English roots

An English link has been added to the president's famed Irish ancestry. But is it meaningful to him?
Saturday June 12, 2021

What Putin really wants from Biden

The Geneva summit on 16 June between the Russian and US presidents will not be a friendly encounter.
Monday June 14, 2021

Canada truck attack: Loved ones describe family as 'the best among us'

A Canadian city is mourning the loss of a beloved family after an allegedly race-motivated attack.
Saturday June 12, 2021

Why some say this Nevada town siren is a racist relic

The siren has been called a "piece of historical trauma" over its disputed link to sundown towns.
Friday June 11, 2021

G7 summit: Don't imperil NI peace, Biden to warn UK and EU

The US president will warn that UK-EU negotiations must protect the Good Friday Agreement, his adviser says.
Wednesday June 09, 2021

The US socialite who gave it all up to become a Carmelite nun

Sister Mary Joseph gave the end of her life to God but her first 60 years were far from traditional.
Wednesday June 09, 2021

Hall And Oates: How You Make My Dreams became a streaming colossus

The 80s pop duo explain how You Make My Dreams became a streaming colossus.
Wednesday June 09, 2021

The man who unwittingly helped FBI spread spy app

Australian police say a wanted man named Hakan Ayik unwittingly helped to distribute the software.
Tuesday June 08, 2021

Canada's residential schools: 'There's no reconciliation without truth'

Geraldine Lee Shingoose was sent to a Canadian residential school as a child. Here's her story.
Sunday June 06, 2021

Daniel Ellsberg: The 90-year-old whistleblower tempting prosecution

Fifty years after he leaked the Pentagon Papers, Daniel Ellsberg says he's made another disclosure.
Monday June 07, 2021

Three police killings in the US: Is there a better way?

We asked experts to walk us through three different instances of police shootings in the US.
Sunday June 06, 2021

Freddie Figgers: The millionaire tech inventor who was 'thrown away' as a baby

Entrepreneur Freddie Figgers says life has taught him that the important thing is people, not profits.
Sunday June 06, 2021

PM gifts photo of Edinburgh anti-slavery mural to Biden

A framed photograph of an Edinburgh mural of Frederick Douglass was among gifts exchanged by the leaders.
Friday June 11, 2021

Kim's Convenience stars decry 'racist' storylines and lack of diversity

The Kim's Convenience stars say storylines were "overtly racist" and their pay is "horsepoop".
Tuesday June 08, 2021

The couple inspired by Tulsa’s black entrepreneurs

Obum and his wife Faith moved to Tulsa in 2019, inspired by the legacy of 'Black Wall Street'.
Tuesday June 01, 2021

Tulsa Massacre: 'Our country may forget this history, but I cannot'

Viola Fletcher, a survivor of the 1921 Tulsa Massacre, calls for justice 100 years on.
Saturday May 29, 2021

Tulsa massacre: The search for victims, 100 years on

Decades after white mobs razed an affluent black neighbourhood the search for bodies goes on.
Thursday May 27, 2021

Growing hate crime against Asian Americans

The BBC's Michelle Fleury looks at the problem of hate crime directed at Asian Americans in the US.
Monday May 31, 2021

Floyd family reflects on police reform one year on

The anniversary of the murder of George Floyd was marked by moments of remembrance and calls for police reform.
Wednesday May 26, 2021

George Floyd anniversary: Derek Chauvin conviction 'nothing to celebrate'

The BBC's Sandrine Lungumbu talks to three young black people in the UK, US and DR Congo about the trial.
Tuesday May 25, 2021

George Floyd death: How do I talk to my son about race?

A year on from the death of George Floyd, BBC presenter Eddie Nestor examines his role as a father.
Monday May 24, 2021

Global heating: Study shows impact of 'climate racism' in US

Black people in the US are subject to double the level of heat stress in cities than whites.
Tuesday May 25, 2021

George Floyd death: How US police are trying to win back trust

A year after George Floyd's death, it's not just civilians who'll be reflecting on what happened.
Saturday May 22, 2021

Adama Traore: How George Floyd's death energised French protests

New laws in France have increased police powers at a time when their use of force is under scrutiny.
Thursday May 20, 2021

How US police training compares with the rest of the world

Amid calls to improve training in the US, we examine how it compares with other developed countries.
Tuesday May 18, 2021

Kamala Harris under pressure to visit US-Mexico border

Members of the US vice-president's own party meanwhile criticised her for warning against illegal migration.
Wednesday June 09, 2021

Children speak of neglect in US asylum camps

The BBC has uncovered allegations of cold temperatures, sickness, lice and abuse, through a series of interviews with children and staff at US detention camps for children.
Monday May 24, 2021

Kamala Harris tells Guatemala migrants: 'Do not come to US'

The US vice-president uses her first official foreign visit to try to tackle the migrant crisis.
Tuesday June 08, 2021

'Our first day of freedom on American soil'

Adrian Meza and his family from Nicaragua have just been released from detention by US border officials.
Saturday May 08, 2021

What is Biden doing differently at US border?

Democrat Joe Biden has promised to undo many of Donald Trump's immigration policies.
Friday May 14, 2021

Big rise in numbers of migrant children on Mexico-US border

The increase from 380 to nearly 3,500 has overwhelmed local facilities in Mexico, the UN warns.
Tuesday April 20, 2021

'Can you help me?' Boy found alone at the border

A 10-year-old from Nicaragua woke up to find he had been abandoned by his group.
Thursday April 08, 2021

Colombia: Migrants risking it all to cross Darien Gap

It takes up to 20 days, and can be deadly – but everyday hundreds try to cross the border between Panama and Colombia.
Monday March 29, 2021

Guatemala: Suffocated youth unafraid of a deadly journey

Tougher policies and deaths on the road are unlikely to stop Guatemalans from trying to reach the US.
Friday March 26, 2021

Mexico: Risking everything for an American dream

Thousands of migrants from Central America are making an arduous journey to the US border.
Thursday March 18, 2021

Child migrants: The challenges facing Biden at the US-Mexico border

A surge in migrants arriving at the US-Mexico border tests the administration's immigration promises.
Thursday March 25, 2021

Boaters have a close call with a Texas dam

The four passengers were rescued after their boat got stuck at the top of the dam.
Friday June 11, 2021

When the US president sits at your table in the bar

A BBC producer gives up her seat on a Cornish hotel patio to the ultimate VIP guest - Joe Biden.
Friday June 11, 2021

'We play for the living and the dead'

The New York Philharmonic is back, playing to a live - and not-so-live - audience.
Thursday June 10, 2021

The moment a bear was coaxed off a utility pole

The young bear found itself in a dangerous situation in Arizona before being helped.
Wednesday June 09, 2021

Could this be California's worst year for drought?

Dry conditions in the western US leave experts worried about a wildfire season unlike any other.
Tuesday June 08, 2021

Why former US president Bill Clinton wants to rule the literary world

The former US President is releasing his second novel, written with author James Patterson.
Tuesday June 08, 2021

Egerton Ryerson: Statue toppled of architect of 'shameful' school system

Egerton Ryerson helped create a Canadian school system which forcibly assimilated indigenous people.
Monday June 07, 2021

Cannabis boom: Why Oklahoma is a 'wild wild west'

The conservative state's hands-off approach has made it the hottest weed market in the US.
Saturday June 05, 2021

'We survived, we're resilient and we're back'

This is how five centenarians celebrated the reopening of Washington DC nursing homes.
Friday June 04, 2021

US troops accidentally raid sunflower oil factory

They were taking part in a Nato military exercise in Bulgaria but ended up storming the wrong place.
Friday June 04, 2021

The California girl who pushed a bear to protect her dogs

Footage shows the moment a teenage girl in California gets the better of a bear fighting with her pets.
Wednesday June 02, 2021

A cannabis empire that caused chaos on Native land

How a rush to cash-in on cannabis ended in disaster in New Mexico.
Thursday May 27, 2021

Canada 'Sixties Scoop': Indigenous survivors map out their stories

Canada's "Sixties Scoop" saw thousands of indigenous children forcibly removed from their families.
Monday December 14, 2020

New Christmas campaign for Canadians held in China

The campaign is based on efforts around a similar case involving a British journalist fifty years ago.
Thursday December 10, 2020

New Brunswick outbreak: How a smalltown doctor became a Covid pariah

After being labelled "patient zero", a small-town physician in Canada was shunned.
Wednesday November 25, 2020