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Afghanistan: US admits Kabul drone strike killed civilians

An inquiry finds the strike, days before the US pullout, killed 10 members of a family - not militants.
Saturday September 18, 2021

Aukus: France recalls envoys amid security pact row

The "exceptional decision" follows a pact between Australia, the US and UK, which scuppered a French deal.
Saturday September 18, 2021

Robert Durst convicted: US millionaire found guilty of first-degree murder

Durst was convicted of killing his best friend Susan Berman in 2000, and is likely to die in prison.
Saturday September 18, 2021

US immigration: Thousands gather under bridge at US-Mexico border in growing crisis

The mostly Haitian migrants are sleeping under the Del Rio bridge in squalid conditions.
Friday September 17, 2021

The moment QAnon took the person I love most

People share with the BBC the moment they knew they had lost their loved one to QAnon.
Saturday September 18, 2021

Covid-19: US FDA recommends booster jabs for over 65s

However, a proposal to fully approve boosters for everyone aged 16 and over was rejected.
Saturday September 18, 2021

Police warn of threats ahead of right-wing rally at US Capitol

Fencing has been erected at the US Capitol to prevent chaos similar to the 6 January pro-Trump riot.
Saturday September 18, 2021

California fires: General Sherman and other sequoias given blankets

Fire-resistant blankets protect General Sherman and other sequoias as a California blaze closes in.
Friday September 17, 2021

Chess icon sues Netflix for Queen's Gambit portrayal

Nona Gaprindashvili files a defamation lawsuit claiming she was incorrectly portrayed in the series.
Friday September 17, 2021

Papers can be served on Andrew's US lawyer - judge

Virginia Giuffre is pursuing a civil case in New York against the prince over allegations of sexual assault.
Friday September 17, 2021

US states begin resettling Afghan evacuees

The US aims to resettle 65,000 Afghans across the country by the end of September.
Friday September 17, 2021

How TikTokers took down a Texas anti-abortion site

A draconian abortion ban in Texas has Gen Z fighting its enforcement through hacktivism
Friday September 17, 2021

Canada federal election: The man who could topple Trudeau

The new Conservative leader has tied Justin Trudeau in the polls with a pitch to moderate voters.
Friday September 17, 2021

Lil Nas X: Is the rapper the defining star of his generation?

The rapper has subverted hip-hop with his LGBT-positive lyrics, while dominating critics on social media.
Friday September 17, 2021

Gen Z battles to bring back unions, one Starbucks at a time

Younger Americans are reviving US labour activism amid stagnant wages and Covid hardship.
Friday September 17, 2021

Canada election: Lytton fire puts village at centre of debate

A village in western Canada recorded the country's highest-ever temperature. The next day it was gone.
Thursday September 16, 2021

To Trump voters, chaos in Afghanistan 'another betrayal' by Biden

Democrats who turned to Trump in rural Kentucky see US withdrawal as proof Biden can't be trusted.
Wednesday September 15, 2021

Guantanamo Bay: In a courtroom, just feet away from 9/11 suspects

Aleem Maqbool was one of only a handful of journalists in court to see the 9/11 hearings unfold.
Sunday September 12, 2021

Canada election: Why it takes 30 years to buy a house in Canada

Canada's skyrocketing housing costs have become a key election issue this year.
Saturday September 18, 2021

Canada federal election: A look at the key numbers driving the campaign

A visual guide to the big issues in Canada's federal election, from climate to cost of living.
Tuesday September 14, 2021

Canada election: 'Mad Max' and why his party is on the rise

Once on the fringes, the People's Party of Canada and its leader makes its mark on the campaign.
Thursday September 16, 2021

Canada federal election: Canadians want reconciliation. Will the election deliver?

The issue that seized Canadians for much of the summer has mostly been absent on the campaign trail.
Wednesday September 15, 2021

Canada election: Three voters explain what matters most to them

Three people tell the BBC what issues are at stake and who they are voting for, as election day nears.
Saturday September 11, 2021

Canada federal election: Two years of Justin Trudeau in two minutes

As Canadians prepare to head back to the polls, here are some key moments since the last election.
Wednesday September 08, 2021

Canadian prairie ranchers struggle with drought conditions

Amid a severe drought in the Prairies, some ranchers are trying to find ways to work with nature.
Thursday September 16, 2021

Fashion house in backlash over 'racist' $1,190 sweatpants

Critics say the $1,190 pants, which come with a built-in pair of boxer shorts, rip off US hip hop culture.
Wednesday September 15, 2021

'Black national anthem' makes its debut at the NFL

The song "Lift every Voice and Sing" will be played regularly at American football games this season.
Friday September 10, 2021

Dontae Sharpe: 'My 26-year fight to prove my innocence'

After two decades wrongfully behind bars, Dontae Sharpe is finally free but there's one more battle to fight.
Thursday September 02, 2021

Why was this US athlete 'too tall' to race?

Blake Leeper fought to compete with able-bodied athletes, but his blades were deemed too long.
Wednesday September 01, 2021

Elijah McClain: Five officials charged in black man's death

Elijah McClain, 23, was put in a chokehold and injected with ketamine after being stopped by police.
Thursday September 02, 2021

FBI hate crime reports spike to 12-year high in 2020

According to an FBI report, black and Asian Americans saw the biggest surges in targeted offences.
Wednesday September 01, 2021

Biden's unlikely plan to use roads to fight racism

An infrastructure package that seeks to address inequality gets a mixed reception on the ground.
Tuesday August 10, 2021

The devastating human cost of rising US gun violence

Deadly shootings are on the rise in many US cities - poorer and black communities are hardest hit.
Friday August 20, 2021

US census: Hispanic and Asian-American driving US population growth

Newly released data points to sluggish population growth and a more multiracial US.
Friday August 13, 2021

Global heating: Study shows impact of 'climate racism' in US

Black people in the US are subject to double the level of heat stress in cities than whites.
Tuesday May 25, 2021

How US police training compares with the rest of the world

Amid calls to improve training in the US, we examine how it compares with other developed countries.
Tuesday May 18, 2021

Covid: Biden to continue Trump's Title 42 migrant expulsions

The White House plans to continue the controversial Title 42 policy to help combat Covid-19.
Tuesday August 03, 2021

'Our first day of freedom on American soil'

Adrian Meza and his family from Nicaragua have just been released from detention by US border officials.
Saturday May 08, 2021

'Heartbreaking' conditions in US migrant child camp

An investigation by the BBC has uncovered alarming conditions at a child migrant camp in Texas.
Wednesday June 23, 2021

US migrant camp 'kids feel like they're in prison'

More than 2,000 migrant children are being detained in an overcrowded camp in Texas ridden with disease.
Wednesday June 23, 2021

Mexico: Risking everything for an American dream

Thousands of migrants from Central America are making an arduous journey to the US border.
Thursday March 18, 2021

Children speak of neglect in US asylum camps

The BBC has uncovered allegations of cold temperatures, sickness, lice and abuse, through a series of interviews with children and staff at US detention camps for children.
Monday May 24, 2021

Colombia: Migrants risking it all to cross Darien Gap

It takes up to 20 days, and can be deadly – but everyday hundreds try to cross the border between Panama and Colombia.
Monday March 29, 2021

Guatemala: Suffocated youth unafraid of a deadly journey

Tougher policies and deaths on the road are unlikely to stop Guatemalans from trying to reach the US.
Friday March 26, 2021

Immigration: Is US-Mexico border seeing a surge in migrants?

Donald Trump says migrants are crossing the border like the US "has never seen". We've checked the numbers.
Thursday July 01, 2021

Olympic gymnasts give powerful testimony about sexual abuse

Gymnasts Simone Biles and McKayla Maroney testified before the Senate about Larry Nassar's abuse.
Thursday September 16, 2021

Match crowd catches falling cat in a flag

The cat used one of its nine lives at the American football match in Miami Gardens, Florida.
Monday September 13, 2021

Condoleezza Rice reflects on 9/11 call

Bush's national security adviser Condoleezza Rice remembers the day she received the call informing her about 9/11.
Saturday September 11, 2021

Tom Malinowski: US-Afghanistan conflict to continue

Democratic US Congressman Tom Malinowski says US troops will continue counter-terrorism strikes.
Tuesday September 14, 2021

Robert E Lee: Confederate general statue removed in Virginia

After a long legal battle, the Robert E Lee monument came down in the former Confederate capital.
Wednesday September 08, 2021

Esports: Why are there so few professional women gamers?

There are no female players in the top 300 earners in esports, according to research shared with BBC News.
Tuesday September 07, 2021

Storm Ida aftermath: 'I can't even count my losses from the flooding right now'

Residents in the US north-east assess the scale of the devastation caused by Tropical Storm Ida.
Friday September 03, 2021

Storm Ida: Floodwater pours into New York City subway station

Videos also show passengers on flooded buses and cars being swept away, after record rainfall from Storm Ida.
Friday September 03, 2021

Millions of Americans at risk of eviction

After a Covid-era ban on evictions ends, millions of Americans are at risk of losing their homes.
Wednesday September 01, 2021

Caldor Fire: Thousands flee as Lake Tahoe under threat

Traffic clogs evacuation routes as residents and tourists flee from the encroaching Caldor Fire.
Tuesday August 31, 2021

Biden defends pulling US troops out before all Americans evacuated

Joe Biden defends his decision to pull US troops out of Afghanistan before all Americans were evacuated.
Wednesday September 01, 2021

Bodies of US troops killed in Kabul returned to America

A "dignified transfer" ceremony takes place at Dover Air Force Base, Delaware, to receive their remains.
Monday August 30, 2021

Delta variant: How to keep kids safe as they return to school

A return to school for millions of children has many parents worried how to keep kids safe.
Thursday August 26, 2021

Towering twin waterspouts spotted by Florida beachgoers

Twin funnels forming from the sky to the sea off the Florida coast surprised beachgoers.
Thursday August 26, 2021

CEO Secrets: 'Tear up the business plan'

CEO Secrets: Brooklyn Brewery boss Eric Ottaway says - be ready to ditch your business plan.
Wednesday August 25, 2021

Storm Henri: Lightning strikes One World Trade Center

The strike was captured as Storm Henri approached the north-east of the US, bringing heavy rain.
Monday August 23, 2021

Turmoil in Afghanistan hits close to home in America too

Christine's husband was killed in Afghanistan - she's horrified by the Taliban's return to power.
Saturday August 21, 2021

New York officer rescues fallen man from subway train

A bystander captured the harrowing moments after a passenger fell unconscious from the platform.
Friday August 20, 2021

How technology in the air battles fires on the ground

Planes equipped with infrared scanners are helping authorities take on historic wildfires in the US.
Wednesday August 18, 2021

Canada 'Sixties Scoop': Indigenous survivors map out their stories

Canada's "Sixties Scoop" saw thousands of indigenous children forcibly removed from their families.
Monday December 14, 2020

New Christmas campaign for Canadians held in China

The campaign is based on efforts around a similar case involving a British journalist fifty years ago.
Thursday December 10, 2020

New Brunswick outbreak: How a smalltown doctor became a Covid pariah

After being labelled "patient zero", a small-town physician in Canada was shunned.
Wednesday November 25, 2020