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Belarus protests: Trial of opposition figures begins

Protest organiser Maria Kolesnikova has been charged with threatening national security.
Wednesday August 04, 2021

Delhi rape and murder: Indians protest over Dalit girl's forced cremation

A couple accuse a priest and three others of raping and murdering their daughter, aged nine.
Wednesday August 04, 2021

Barack Obama scales back 60th birthday party as Covid cases rise

The former president turns 60 on Wednesday but has cancelled plans for a big party this weekend.
Wednesday August 04, 2021

Beirut blast: ‘The day our city exploded’

One year on from the blast that rocked Beirut, no one has yet been made accountable.
Wednesday August 04, 2021

Gunmen attack home of Afghan defence minister in Kabul

The minister was not at home during the first major attack by militants in Kabul for nearly a year.
Wednesday August 04, 2021

Missouri governor pardons couple who pointed guns at protesters

Missouri's governor pardons the couple who pointed guns at Black Lives Matter protesters last year.
Wednesday August 04, 2021

WhatsApp 'view once' brings disappearing photos and videos

The "view once" feature lets users open an image one time only before it is deleted forever.
Wednesday August 04, 2021

MV Asphalt Princess: Suspected hijackers leave ship off UAE

Men who boarded a Panama-flagged bitumen tanker have now left the vessel, officials say.
Wednesday August 04, 2021

Selena Gomez criticises latest 'tasteless' TV transplant joke

The Good Fight is the latest show to reference singer Selena Gomez's 2017 kidney transplant.
Wednesday August 04, 2021

Three dead in train crash near Czech-German border

An express train from Munich hits a commuter train near the Czech Republic town of Domazlice.
Wednesday August 04, 2021

Belarus sprinter Krystina Timanovskaya flies out of Japan

Krystina Timanovskaya refused orders to fly home early and is now en route to Vienna.
Wednesday August 04, 2021

Tokyo Olympics: Taiwan stars trolled by Chinese nationalists

Chinese nationalists interpreted support for Taiwan's athletes as support for the island's independence.
Wednesday August 04, 2021

Afghanistan war: Bodies on the streets as fighting traps Lashkar Gah residents

Terrified locals are fleeing if they can as the Taliban and troops battle to control Lashkar Gah.
Tuesday August 03, 2021

Tunisia crisis: Democrats, despots and the fight for power

Tunisia is in turmoil since the president suspended parliament and increased his own power.
Wednesday August 04, 2021

The downfall of Nissan's Carlos Ghosn: An insider's view

Former Nissan lawyer Ravinder Passi had a ringside seat of the downfall of chairman Carlos Ghosn.
Wednesday August 04, 2021

Vitaly Shishov: Belarus dissidents who disappeared and died

For years opponents of Belarus leader Alexander Lukashenko have been hounded - sometimes fatally.
Tuesday August 03, 2021

Tokyo Olympics: Chinese nationalists turn on their athletes

To ultra-nationalists online, losing an Olympic medal is being "unpatriotic", experts say.
Tuesday August 03, 2021

‘I can’t study sitting on the pavement’

Asma Shaikh, a 17-year-old homeless girl, has big dreams. But the pandemic has brought new challenges.
Wednesday August 04, 2021

Ever Given: Time-lapse video captures Felixstowe arrival

"We could still see Egyptian sand on its bow," said film-maker Brian Abrams as the ship docked.
Wednesday August 04, 2021

Tokyo 2020: A parent's plea in the shadow of the Olympics

This dad is drawing attention to what he calls the kidnapping of children by their own parents in Japan.
Tuesday August 03, 2021

Tokyo 2020: 'You can take our flag but not our love for Russia'

Russia may be banned from the Olympics, but Russians are still winning medals – and rivals aren't happy.
Tuesday August 03, 2021

Covid vaccine inequity 'completely unacceptable and unethical'

Rich countries need to do more to give vaccines to poor countries, says top WHO adviser Helen Clark.
Tuesday August 03, 2021

Tokyo Olympics: Sydney McLaughlin smashes record, Kokona Hiraki, 12, wins silver

Hurdler Sydney McLaughlin smashes her own world record to win 400m hurdles gold on the day 12-year-old Kokona Hiraki becomes the youngest Olympic medallist for 85 years.
Wednesday August 04, 2021

Tokyo Olympics: Golf caddie suffers heatstroke in searing heat

Players struggle with the heat at the women's Olympic golf, while Canada and Sweden ask for the women's football final to be moved.
Wednesday August 04, 2021

Simone Biles: Tokyo 2020 medallist on 'unique Olympic experience'

American Simone Biles says she will "forever cherish" her "unique Olympic experience" after taking her overall Games medal haul to seven in Japan.
Wednesday August 04, 2021

Tokyo Olympics: Medal table - which country has won most golds?

Which country is leading the medal table? How are Great Britain getting on? Medals table for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.
Sunday August 01, 2021

All you need to know about new climbing event

Climbing is the last of the new Olympic sports to make its appearance at Tokyo 2020. Here's a guide to the things you need to know.
Monday August 02, 2021